The 64 Second Digital Delay

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The 64 Second Digital Looping Recorder

The RAREST of all Electro-Harmonix products!!!! According to Mike Matthews, only a few prototypes were built, but they tended to break too often, thus ensuring their non-production. Unfortunately, EH had already announced the release of this unit to several magazines. This copy came from the Dec. 1983 issue of Guitar Player. The price was one of the highest as well, second only to the rackmount Guitar Synthesizer.


ELECTRO-HARMONIX DIGITAL DELAY. The 64 Second Digital Looping Recorder is a rack-mountable unit that can create delays of up to 64 seconds in length and can provide an audio bandwidth of 15Hz to 12kHz at a delay length of 8 seconds. It can be used to store loops of sounds without tape-with infinite hold, reverse playback, double- or half-speed playback, and sound-on-sound-and can function as a digital chorus, flanger, echo, and doubler. A 4-digit display shows loop lengths from 8 seconds to 64 seconds, and a click track allows for synchronization of echoes and stored sounds with other sounds. Silence can be recorded into the entire memory via a Fast Erase button, allowing new material to be recorded. The list price of the 64 Second Digital Looping Recorder is $1,195.00. Electro-Harmonix, 27 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 1001