The EH Product List

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For your pleasure and interest, I've compiled a list of EH Model #s and products.  It's by no means complete so please contact me with any new details you can add.

Electro-Harmonix Products

Last Updated 23 Feb. 2010

Model#       Description

EH-0225      Slave Amp 200w rackmount

EH-0250      Stereo Micro-Amp

EH-0300      Vocoder rackmount

EH-0400      Mini-Synthesizer

EH-0410      Mini-Synthesizer w/echo and glide bar

EH-0500      Dual Analog Delay rackmount

EH-0909      Power Patrol 6100 voltage surge suppressor

                    (Broadway Computer Corp.)

EH-1001      LPB-2 power booster

EH-1003      Hog's Foot bass booster

EH-1005      Screaming Tree treble booster

EH-1008      Little Muff Pi

EH-1009      Little Big Muff Pi

EH-1010      Switchblade channel selector

EH-1222      Queen Wah (circa 1976-77)

EH-1300      RTG random tone generator

EH-1307      Deluxe Memory Man echo/delay (4 knobs)

EH-1309      Memory Man solid state echo/analog delay line

EH-1311      Echoflanger

EH-1313      Mike Matthews Dirt Road Special amplifier w/phase shifter

EH-1314      Talking Pedal speech synthesizer

EH-1315      Slapback Echo

EH-1316      Soul Preacher compressor/sustainer

EH-1317      Clone Theory

EH-1318      Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger (circa 1978)

EH-1322      Little Big Muff Pi

EH-1322      Big Muff Pi

EH-1325      Deluxe Octave Multiplexer (4 knobs)

EH-1330      Deluxe Big Muff distortion/compressor (Blend switch)

EH-1334      Electronic Metronome

EH-1334      Mini-Mixer

EH-1335      Hot Tubes overdrive simulator (circa 1978)

EH-1336      10 Band Graphic Equalizer

EH-1338      Memory Man echo/chorus (boost input)

EH-1341      Freedom Brothers amp (mahogany

EH-1342      Bass Balls (circa 1978)

EH-1347      Pet Lite (circa 1980?)

EH-1349      Full Double Tracking Effect

EH-1700      Silencer (circa 1978)

EH-1976 (?)      Giant 1976 Bicentennial calendar

EH-1977      Giant 1977 calendar (circa 1977, of course)

EH-1977      Electro-Harmonix Work Band album  "State of the Art Electronic Devices"

EH-2001      LPB-1 power booster (plugs into amp)

EH-2002      LPB-1 power booster (plugs into instrument)

EH-2003      Mole bass booster

EH-2005      Screaming Bird treble booster (plugs into amp)

EH-2006      Screaming Bird treble booster (plugs into instrument)

EH-2007      Ego microphone booster

EH-2008      Muff Fuzz (plugs into amp)

EH-2008      Muff Fuzz (inline w/double plug)

EH-2009      Muff Fuzz (plugs into instrument)

EH-2010      5X Junction Mixer

EH-2244      Electronic Metronome

EH-2300      Headphone Amplifier

EH-3000      Clone Theory chorus /vibrato

EH-3001      Clone Theory chorus /vibrato

EH-3002      Low Frequency Compressor

EH-3003      Big Muff Pi (early 70's model and circa '80)

EH-3004      Hare-Lip microphone echo

EH-3004      Attack Equalizer

EH-3004      Knockout Attack Equalizer

EH-3005      Black Finger sustainer

EH-3006      Crying Tone (circa 1977)

EH-3006      Fuzz Wah

EH-3007      Fuzz Wah pedal

EH-3007      Freedom Pre-Amp

EH-3009      Queen Wah w/ Triggered Filter (circa 1976)

EH-3034      Little Big Muff Pi (circa 1981)

EH-3034      Big Muff Pi (later model)

EH-3053      Deluxe Big Muff distortion/compressor (Series/Parallel switch)

EH-3054      Deluxe Big Muff distortion/compressor (Series/Parallel switch)

EH-3060      Graphic Fuzz

EH-3075      Hot Tubes overdrive simulator

EH-3106      Crying Muff fuzz wah pedal

EH-3200      Talking Pedal speech synthesizer

EH-3300      Pan Pedal

EH-3800      Volume Pedal

EH-4002      Linear Stereo Booster 2

EH-4003      Stereo Tone Expander

EH-4100      Doctor Q envelope follower

EH-4200      Zipper envelope follower

EH-4250      Bassballs envelope follower

EH-4300      Silencer line noise eliminator

EH-4500      Soul Preacher sustainer/compressor

EH-4501      Soul Preacher sustainer/compressor (circa 1980)

EH-4600      Small Clone chorus

EH-4700      Slapback Echo

EH-4750      Stereo Slapback Echo

EH-4790      Full Double Tracking Effect

EH-4800      Small Stone phase shifter

EH-4900      Y-Triggered filter

EH-4909      AC/DC 9 volt battery eliminator

EH-4918      AC/DC 18 volt battery eliminator

EH-4999      AC/DC 9 volt battery eliminator

EH-5000      Frequency Analyzer

EH-5010      Rhythm 12

EH-5100      Electric Mistress flanger

EH-5101      Electric Mistress flanger

EH-5150      Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger

EH-5200      Attack Decay tape reverse simulator

EH-5300      Space Drum

EH-5310      Panic Button

EH-5320      Sonic Boomer

EH-5330      Rolling Thunder

EH-5350      Super Space Drum

EH-5360      Crash Pad

EH-5370      Clap Track

EH-5380      Sequencer Drum

EH-5385      Clockworks Controller

EH-5390      Instant Replay

EH-5500      Solid State Reverb

EH-5600      Big Muff Pi Crying Tone (circa 1974)

EH-5701      Queen Wah w/triggered filter

EH-5800      Bad Stone phase shifter (2 knobs)

EH-5800      Bad Stone phase shifter (3 knobs)

EH-5801      Bad Stone phase shifter pedal

EH-5900      Octave Multiplexer

EH-5901      Octave Multiplexer

EH-5901      Octave Multiplexer pedal

EH-5950      Deluxe Octave Multiplexer (3 knobs)

EH-5950      Deluxe Octave Multiplexer (4 knobs)

EH-5950      Deluxe Octave Multiplexer (5 knobs)

EH-6000      Hot Foot universal pedal

EH-6001      Hot Foot universal pan pedal

EH-6001      Mike Matthews Freedom guitar amp (DC)

EH-6002      Mike Matthews Freedom guitar amp (AC/DC)

EH-6003      Mike Matthews Freedom guitar amp (AC)

EH-6022      Super Twin amplifier (AC/DC)

EH-6023      Super Twin amplifier (AC)

EH-6043      Quad amp

EH-6475      Military/Computer Phone Cable 3/4"

EH-6502      Military/Computer Phone Cable 2'

EH-6503      Military/Computer Phone Cable 3'

EH-6506      Military/Computer Phone Cable 6'

EH-6510      Military/Computer Phone Cable 10'

EH-6520      Military/Computer Phone Cable 20'

EH-6530      Military/Computer Phone Cable 30'

EH-6550      Military/Computer Phone Cable 50'

EH-6600      Military/Computer Phone Cable 100'

EH-6725      Super Heavy 25' coiled cable

EH-6920      Japanese coiled cable 20'

EH-7002      Freedom Brothers amp (Silver)

EH-7003      Freedom Brothers amp (Mahogany)

EH-7006      Freedom Brothers amp (Black)

EH-7010      EH acoustic guitar (mahogany back and sides)

EH-7020      EH acoustic guitar (D-28 copy, rosewood back and sides)

EH-7030      EH acoustic guitar (D-41 copy, rosewood back and sides, pearloid binding and inlay, 3 piece back)

EH-7050      Mike Matthews Dirt Road Special amp w/phase shifter

EH-7100      Polyphase phase shifter/envelope follower

EH-7200      Golden Throat talk box

EH-7250      Deluxe Golden Throat talk box

EH-7300      Golden Throat II talk box

EH-7450      DRM-16 drum machine

EH-7451      DRM-15 drum machine

EH-7460      DRM-32 drum machine

EH-7470      Bass Machine

EH-7500      Memory Man solid state echo/analog delay line

EH-7550      Memory Man Deluxe echo/analog delay line (4 knobs)

EH-7600      10 band Graphic EQ

EH-7660      Mini-Mixer

EH-7700      Echoflanger

EH-7700      Polyflanger flange/chorus/slapback echo/filter matrix

EH-7700      Polychorus flange/chorus/slapback echo/filter matrix

EH-7810      Memory Man echo/chorus

EH-7811      Memory Man stereo echo/chorus

EH-7850      Deluxe Memory Man echo/chorus/vibrato (5 knobs)

EH-7860      Echo 600

EH-7870      2 Second Digital Delay

EH-7875      16 Second Digital Delay

EH-7900      Micro-Synthesizer

EH-7959      Bass Micro-Synthesizer

EH-8000      Guitar Synthesizer rackmount

EH-8001      1-10" speaker cabinet

EH-8002      1-12" speaker cabinet

EH-8003      1-15" speaker cabinet

EH-8012      Celestion G12M 12" heavy duty speaker

EH-8021      2-10" speaker cabinet

EH-8022      2-12" speaker cabinet

EH-8041      4-10" speaker cabinet

EH-8042      4-12" speaker cabinet

EH-8043      4-10" column speaker cabinet

EH-8044      4-12" column speaker cabinet

EH-8101      10" speaker, 55 watts, 8 ohms

EH-8101      Carling SPDT footswitch

EH-8102      12" speaker, 60 watts, 8 ohms

EH-8102      Military brass plugs

EH-8103      15" speaker, 65 watts, 8 ohms

EH-8103      9 volt batteries (box of 10)

EH-8103      9 volt batteries (box of 12)

EH-8104      Double-ended male plugs

EH-8310      Instant Replay

EH-8320      Super Replay 4 second digital sampler

EH-8601      Control potentiometers, 100K audio taper, 3/4 watt (pkg of 12)

EH-8602      DPDT toggle switch, 3 amps @ 125v, 1 amp @ 250v

EH-8603      9 volt batteries (pkg of 10)

EH-8604      Knobs (pkg of 50)

EH-8605      Extension cords, 6 ft w/molded ends

EH-8606      SPDT footswitches

EH-8607      Chassis (Big Muff style)

EH-9100      9 volt adapter

EH-9203      Domino Theory sound sensitive light tube

EH-9390      3 Phase Liner electronic necklace

EH-9550      Corona Concert

EH-9620      Stereo Ambitron

EH-9650      Stereo Ambitron plus reverb

EH-9650      Ambitron mono to stereo exciter

EH-9875      6 function foot controller

EH-9900      64 Second Digital Looping Delay

EH-18100      18 volt battery eliminator (supplied w/Rhythm 12)



The following items do not have model numbers yet. If you can provide them, please contact me.


EH/Brody acoustic guitar

EH 12-string electric/acoustic guitar

Electro-Harmonix Guitar Radio

Linear Stereo Booster 1

Mike Matthews Freedom Bass amp (AC, AC/DC, DC)

Mike Matthews Freedom PA amp (AC, AC/DC, DC)

Pulse Modulator

Stereo Pulse Modulator


Super Twin reverb amp

Tape Reverse Simulator

UMI Wireless Wizard (distributed by EH)

In addition, you may have noticed some items listed more than once. That's because EH often changed the model numbers as new products appeared or new versions were released. Check your EH pedals for numbers not appearing here.