The EH Acoustic Guitars Pt 1: The E-H Guitar

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Unknown to most people, EH also made a line of guitars in the 70's.  Here's my personal guitar from my collection.



These guitars were only available from EH for a very short time in 1974. The one piece of literature I have that mentions them compared them to higher-priced Martins. They were available through a special offer for $87.50 with the purchase of $50 or more in certain scratch-n-dent EH products. The list price was $187.50. I've known about these guitars for years and have received emails from at least 3 people who own them, including one person with a 12-string (!), but had never seen one until a gracious owner sent me pics of her guitar, which she purchased new in '74 or '75. I originally posted those pics here but I finally purchased one on Ebay a couple of years ago and would rather showcase my own collection. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a cheap acoustic typical of the early-mid 70's Japanese guitars and what I got instead was a very nice playing and looking guitar. Not bad for just under $100!

In response to an email, Mike had this to say about the guitars:

We didn't buy out a warehouse and put our name on them.
We bought them from Moridaira/ Morris Guitar....who at the time were the best guitar maker in Japan, making guitars for Fender and many big companies.
They put the EH on the guitars.

Best regards,
Mike Matthews