Eleca copies of EH pedals

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Eleca pedals


Eleca is a line of music instruments and accessories made in China. Included is a line of guitar effects, a couple of which look suspiciously like Sovtek/EH pedals. These are the EBB-1 "Bass Distortion" and the ESD-1 "Distortion Pedal". The entire Eleca pedal line can be found here.


Who would've thought we'd see a copy of the EH Bassballs, let alone the Sovtek version? It even has the "TWIN DYNAMIC FILTER" caption written on top. What does EBB stand for? Maybe it's Electro-harmonix Bass Balls? Actually, all 3 of the Eleca pedals shown on the box have an "E" prefix so it may be Eleca Bass Balls.

Eleca EBB-1
Eleca EBB1 (back view)
Eleca EBB1 inside
The Bass Balls all the way down to the 2 trimpots for adjusting the filters.


Eleca ESD1

The ESD-1 is a pretty close copy of the Sovtek Big Muff. The controls are the same, the layout's the same, and it even says "Distortion/Sustainer" on the top. Looking inside, I found that it's the same circuit as well. It is a little smaller than your standard Big Muff, as you can see from the photos. Notice the US flag on the box. Are they trying to fool us into thinking it's US-made?