The Electro-Harmonix RTG

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The Electro-Harmonix RTG

This is the EH RTG or Random Tone Generator. It was definitely one of the weirder things EH made in their heyday.

 Designed by Bob Bednarz, the RTG was a Random Tone Generator.  It makes electronic beeps and boops, either in normal mode or you can use the GLIDE switch to make it glide up and down to the note. Other than the Glide, the only other control was for the Rate of the tones. They're not really random as you can hear it start to repeat itself if you listen for a couple of minutes or less, depending on the speed.  Just connect it to an amp and go!! 

One of these sold recently on Ebay for $850!!  Contrary to the auction hype, they were not prototypes; they were actual production units that appeared in EH price lists circa 1980. Pic follows and sound samples below the pic.



sound samples:

  • First, the RTG in standard mode.
  • Second, the RTG in glide mode. I adjusted the speed slightly at the beginning.
  • Third,  the RTG running in standard mode thru a Deltalabs Effectron echo.
  • Finally, the RTG inglide mode w/ echo. This is the coolest thing you can do with it, at least in my opinion.


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