EH company site updated!!

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Got an email from Scott Matthews (Mike's son) this morning about the newest version of the EH company site.  If you haven't seen it for a while, check it out and be amazed!


Here's some details Scott sent me:


I think the most interesting improvements are:

1) the blog format -- not just on the home page, but also extended so that
each individual product page becomes a "blog-within-a-blog" -- meaning, for
example, posts relating to the Big Muff Pi will also show up on the Big Muff
Pi's page (

2) extensive use of user-generated videos -- I really wanted to integrated
the community directly into the site -- so, rather than just "guitar gods"
we now have tons of videos by regular folks, from kids just getting started
to seasoned grey-beards -- I really think this is fun, and captures
something genuine and spontaneous that couldn't ever be recorded by a pro in
a studio.

In addition, we now have lots more "official" videos, more text, instructions (both text & PDF), product photos, etc. -- and a clean and consistent set of URLs for each product.

Please let me know if you'd like me to go into any more detail -- and, for that matter, if you might even have something fun for the blog!

best,  -Scott